Seven Email Marketing mistakes you should avoid

Sending without unsubscribe optionThe biggest mistake that marketers tend to commit in email marketing is sending without a proper unsubscribe option in the email. This reall

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Machine Learning - Quick inputs

Machine learning is something where you are not going to jot down any custom code specific to your application problem. Rather than writing co

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Building Android Apps with Machine Learning Google API

You may think why I need to integrate machine learning in Android Apps.We will explain some of the contexts where machine learning will be useful. Consider the situation,when your users are in the

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Advantages of Mobile App over Mobile Website

Most of the times there arises a question to develop a Mobile App or Mobile website for a business, here we have detailed some inherent reasons for building a mobile App over a mobile website.

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How to build an Email Marketing List quickly

Email Marketing stands as one of the powerful and affordable digital marketing strategy across the world. Building an email list would be the important activity before starting Ema

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