How to increase user retention for your Mobile Apps

Nowadays building a mobile app has become lot easier but user retention and engagement has become difficult, so we have outlined some important activities that help you in the process.

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Seven factors to consider while choosing a Hosting provider

Choosing the best hosting provider for your website or mobile app will definitely be a tough task for anyone. Any mistake would be really painful and expensive to rectify. Hence we have listed few

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Seven Email Marketing mistakes you should avoid

Sending without unsubscribe optionThe biggest mistake that marketers tend to commit in email marketing is sending without a proper unsubscribe option in the email. This reall

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Machine Learning - Quick inputs

Machine learning is something where you are not going to jot down any custom code specific to your application problem. Rather than writing co

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Building Android Apps with Machine Learning Google API

You may think why I need to integrate machine learning in Android Apps.We will explain some of the contexts where machine learning will be useful. Consider the situation,when your users are in the

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